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Who is the Underestimated Diamond?

Who is the Underestimated Diamond?

We can gaze at a glass of water and say it is half-full or half empty.  The Underestimated Diamond is the glass of water and she conducts what is inside.

Question again, Who is the Underestimated Diamond?  Let me tell you . . . .



Never Underestimate Me

Don’t underestimate this Boston-born Haitian bread phenomenal woman of God

My mocha chocolate skin and graceful curves flows so nice as the Land of Sea

A complexion so smooth and natural like a blessed angel sent from heaven

Eyes so sensual, exquisite, and enduring – they will captivate you

Hair so soft and fine each strand woven by God represent history

A history of the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers before my time

From the days of Kings and Queens and Lands of Gold

So much I represent – a story that will soon be told . . . .



Sketch My Complexion

Looking for new colors to display

My new color of action

My new color of value and energy

Sketch my complexion and create an authenticate foundation


Foundation of my exterior can not compare to the masquerade of my interior complexion

Neither of the two are the same

Each part of has its own story


My fragrance of victory and new identity has covered the reflections of my uncertainty

Smelling the fragrance of no more shame

Smell of no more despair

Smell of no more doubt

Smell of no more negativity


I am sketching my image

Representing my new identity

No longer judging my old reflection

Finding my true shade of what defines me . . . .


 All Poems are excerpts from my upcoming project

The Chronicles of the Underestimated Diamond

Written and Creator by the Underestimated Diamond of Divine1864 Enterprises

Harvesting my Blessings and Presenting My True Reflection

Never Underestimate Me because when I write, my words have become my voice


Water in My Eyes

Water in My Eyes

God with water in my eyes, I pray to you
I pray for a melody of sweet sincerity, peace, and understanding
The heat of the sun is my hug from you
The light of the moon is my bedtime story
You tell me a story Lord of the believers and faith healers
They all say that the things in life will soon pass
God with water in my eyes, I pray from my internal faith back
I pray that I do not get lost in praise
I pray for a melody of hope and strength
You are the start of my day
God with water in my eyes, I pray for everything
I pray for everything that distracts and aggravates me
I pray with all I have
I pray that I continue to walk with you
God with water in my eyes
I think of Christians soldiers fighting for their faith
I think of the battles and so many we have lost
I think and pray that they all are okay
I think and pray
God with water in my eyes
I say goodbye to things that I have lost in my life, old chapters
I say goodbye to things of the old
I say I am not going to worry about the new
The new things are not always easy but I must understand that they are new
New to my life always becomes a challenge
I pray for my purpose
God with water in my eyes, I write these words
Mommy and Daddy, I love you
My family in Haiti and all over the world, I love you
My friends and sisters on the Wall, I love you
I pray for the melody of angels to surround them all
I pray
God with water in my eyes, I surrender
I am holding on to the last string of my rope
God I know that you will catch me
I am holding on to you in prayer
I pray for courage
God with water in my eyes, I ask you to hear my words
God with water in my eyes, I write these words
God with water in my eyes, I just feel these words
God with water in my eyes, I finally decided
God with water in my eyes
God with water in my eyes
God with water in my eyes
I finally decided
God with water in my eyes, I cry

Starting My Day on the Wall

I encourage you to read about my newsletter on my blog page.  Get Up on the Wall is my true proclamation.  The Wall is where my foundation of ideas and fears are released.  The Wall is my declaration and I never leave the same. 

We have days that we need to be encouraged.  The words come together for me on this Wall.  You may receive your own personal issue of the newsletter by clicking on the following link:

I promise this is not an opportunity to advertise and share your information with other sources.  This link is simply a more organized and professional view of my talent, vision, and declaration.

 Be Blessed and Have a Great Day.


Je vous encourage à lire de ma circulaire sur ma page blog. Levez-vous sur le Mur est ma vraie déclaration. Le Mur est où ma fondation d’idées et de peurs est libérée. Le Mur est ma déclaration et je ne quitte jamais le même. 

Nous avons des jours que nous devons être encouragés. Les mots se réunissent pour moi sur ce Mur. Vous pouvez recevoir votre propre édition personnelle de la circulaire en cliquant sur le lien suivant :

Je promets que ce n’est pas une opportunité d’annoncer et partager vos informations avec d’autres sources. Ce lien est simplement une vue plus organisée et professionnelle de mon talent, vision et déclaration.

Favoring Grace

God’s grace (His favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for me [sufficient against any danger and enables me to bear the trouble manfully]; for god’s strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [my] weakness and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!

2 Corinthians 12:9

French Melody

Last night I was in a French melody mode.  I have been listening to my favorite old-time French songs all night (I am talking about songs before I was born).  I felt so calm and so much more at peace with everything around.  Before I knew it, morning was here.  You have to rest your mind sometimes and just listen to a sweet melody.  You have to say it’s okay.  I listen to songs that allowed me to cry with freedom.  It was a great experience to just listen with peace.

Enjoy the Blog.  I plan to share a great deal more.


La nuit dernière j’étais dans un mode de mélodie français.  J’ai écouté mes vieilles chansons de français de temps préférées toute la nuit (je parle des chansons avant que je suis né).  Je me suis senti ainsi le repos et tellement plus à la paix avec tout autour de.  Avant que je le savais, le matin était ici.  Vous devez appuyer votre esprit quelquefois et écouter juste une mélodie douce.  Vous devez dire que c’est pas mal. J’écoute des chansons qui m’ont permis de crier avec la liberté.  C’était une grande expérience de juste écouter avec la paix.

Appréciez le Blog. Je projette de partager bien plus.

Blessing My Blog

Blessing My Blog 


As always when I embark on a new project, I must invite the Holy Spirit to bless my project.  I invite my Divine Heavenly Father to bless my vision, my mission, and my life.  I invite you to pray with me as I open another chapter and season on my life.  Even in praying is not your thing; please take a moment to share some positive thoughts with me.  Thoughts and prayers of encouragement, commitment, balance, creativity, and success and achievement. 


Heavenly Father,


My mind has been full with so many ideas and visions

I want to embark on a new opportunity to of expression

I want to thank you first in advance for all the wonderful blessings

I want to thank you for my life itself

I want to thank you for my family, friends, and future readers to come

I welcome you to my Divine Expressions


Divine Expressions is the mind of the Underestimated Diamond

Divine Expressions is the footprints of the Dynasty that has already begun

Divine Expressions is the release of ideas and closer interaction with the world

Divine Expressions is a virtual connection of open communication


Divine Expressions is not religion based

Divine Expressions is spiritual thoughts of my creative mind

I give my thoughts

I give my cries

I give my fears to break chains that try to bind me

I give my views because a mind that thinks and express shows meaning


A woman that speaks from the heart and soul

A woman that opens her own doors

A woman that knows that giving up is not an option

A woman that is a diamond and image of her own complexion

A woman of not what she knows but she understands

A woman that uses her thoughts and words like a musician plays on the piano

I have a song


Bless me Father that I have divine creativity

Thank you Father for giving time

Thank you Father for allowing me to cry

Thank you Father for allowing me to touch others with my words

Thank you Father for ears to listen

Thank you for the inspiration


You inspire me everyday to move forward

You inspire me everyday to start my day by saying thank you

You inspire me everyday to end my day by saying thank you


I pray for my readers, subscribers, supporters, and networkers

I pray for my contributors, authors, references, resources, and comments

I pray against all chains


Chains of the set back

Chains of the “you are not ready”

Chains of the “you have nothing to contribute”

Chains of the “you have nothing period”

Chains of the “you cannot write”

Chains of the “you cannot succeed”

Chains of the “you are going to fail”

Chains of the “you don’t know and it’s nice but . . .”

Chains of “this will not last”

Chains of all the negative words, thoughts, comments, and attitudes

Chains of all the hypocrites

Chains of all the backbiters that rather see me crawl and not walk

Chains of the false prophets, false friendships, and false faces

All chains that bind me

I pray against the words of the enemy


As I always say Lord, I am not looking for perfection just a chance to be closer to you

Lord, I accept my faults and consequences in my life

Lord, thank you for teaching me how to take the good with the bad

Lord, thank you for allowing me to express myself


I welcome you Holy Spirit because you deserve all the praise

I serve you with my Divine Praise and Worship

I serve you now with my Divine Expression

Holy Spirit, welcome to my mind

Holy Spirit, welcome to my heart

Holy Spirit, welcome to my life

Lord, I pray you continue to balance and clarify me

Bring Divine Communication, Correction, and Expression


I pray this prayer today and everyday that I need encouragement to write another post.  I pray this prayer in Jesus’ Mighty Name.  Amen.


Welcome to Divine Expressions

An expansion of Get Up on the Wall Newsletter


Lovingly and Expressively yours,

Underestimated Diamond