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Crime of Confession

Kneeling before the judge of the Most High pleading my case

I accept my sentence as harsh it maybe

I confess to my crime

* * * * 

Very serious, very honest

I confess to my crimes

Charged with shame and consequences

I sit on the bench before you

* * * * 

My crime, my fault

Must be careful, who I share my reasons to

That confession is a crime in itself

Understand many are curious

They lack the knowledge of respect

Common sense is absent

They believe in the “I” and “my”

* * * * 

Crime of Confession

A judgment we must all face

The jury is out

Confessing to the crime

Praying God makes a way

* * * * 

Confession is healing

It helps wipe the sins away


You are sentenced to embrace a new day

* * * *


A Women’s Faithful Declaration

I am a Woman of God

I am a Conqueror, because I have overcome my obstacles

I am encouraged because I have allowed myself to listen to the thoughts and words of God

I am beautiful because God made me perfect and complete in his own image

I am strong because God has given strength, trust, and courage to fight my battles.

I am a Woman of God that will act appropriately be well mannered

I am a Woman that will be respectful to myself and others

* * * * 

I will be obedient to God despite the obligations of the world

I have wisdom because I have given complete control to God and he will guide my path

I am hopeful because my yesterday does not define my tomorrow and today does not set my future

* * * *

God has set me free of fear, doubt, anger, shame, and guilt because I will allow me to see my glorious day

God has allowed me to see my dreams, hear his words, and I will abide my his words.

* * * * 

I will no longer judge myself and others

I will in cooperate myself with the Spirit of God and ask for self-forgiveness and through his Spirit I have declared myself whole and complete.

I acknowledge that you God are awesome, magnificent, amazing and always ever ready to provide and protect.

I am a Woman of God that prays, hears, receives, and willing to obey.

I am a Woman led by God and not by man

* * * * 

God please forgive me for judging myself and others

God forgive me for not showing accountability for my actions.

God forgive me God for feeling that I am unwanted, unaccepted, unlovable, and unworthy of you.

I acknowledge myself to be complete and whole.

* * * * 

Today, I am able to eat the Fruit of the Spirit of joy, peace, mercy, grace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and love.

Today, I declare myself to be a Woman of virtue, power, and grace.

Today is my day.

Special Thanks to God’s House Ministries

It was truly an honor and pleasure as they say “kicked off” the Open-Mic Night.  The Open-Mic was to help out our their building fund and kick off their Women’s Conference.

A Special Thanks to Pastor Valerie Weeks and her daughter Kaisha for welcoming me to her church.  Thank you to the congregration and praise team.  I pray that your ministry continues to blossom and touch the community.

Thank you again to God’s House Ministries for giving me an opportunity to share my gift.

God’s House Ministries is located right in Central Florida off of Forest City Road not far from the historical town of Eatonville, FL.

God Bless You All!!!!

Special Thanks to Pablo Studios

What a better way to your reflection than through pictures.  I would like to say a special thank you to Paul Jean-Baptiste of Pablo Studios on my wonderful Photo Shoot pictures.        

Thank you Pablo for expressing my vision       

Pablo Studios


Pablo Studios      

Pablo Studios 407-285-1886        

You may view my pictures on the Underestimated Diamond Facebook Page   



My Worship Song

In the middle of the night God . . . in the middle of my day . . . in the middle of my life . . . I bow my head and cry for your face

I just want it to be me and you . . . you and me . . . God and me

Just lost and protect in you



This song just places me on a cloud so high, I can just touch heaven


Genesis 28:15

God is with me and will keep (watch over me with care, take notice of) me wherever I may go.

Be Blessed



A lack of appreciation and acknowledgment is a SetBack


You follow your vision and you are the only one that sees it

You are walking in your journey but you feel you are in a desert

You wonder if the world envies your greatness

 * * * *

You want to know, is it okay?

You want to know, am I doing this the right way

You need feedback

 * * * *

Applaud me

Appreciate me

Comment me

Acknowledge me

Show some love

* * * * 

We do not expect the unexpected

We notice it when it is gone

We retrace our steps and avoid taking the blame

We fail to provide feedback and now we are mending the pieces

We have broken esteem

 * * * *

Switching Gears . . .

You give a smile that brings joy

You say a kind, you have made someone’s day

You congratulate me, “I know I can achieve anything, I am well on my way”

You just provided some feedback

* * * * 

Turning Again . . .

What is the big deal?

Well, when you don’t feed it, it goes hungry

When you don’t feed the vision, the vision becomes blind

When you don’t feed the dreams, the dreams stay asleep and just die

* * * * 

The deal is . . .

SetBacks are un-nurtured blessings

They are malnourished due to lack of care

They are deprived and starved of appreciation and acknowledgment

Honestly, no one cared

* * * * 

Feedback is healthy

Feedback is what we all should do

Do not infect with a setback

You have visions and dreams counting on you

Where Duchess Wants to be

Dear Diary,

I was thinking back tonight.  I really do not know why, but you know how your mind plays and wonders.   Loneliness is like a “hit in the face sometimes.”  You remember the times when the life that you thought was great, just seemed to fall apart.  I hope you know what I mean. 

It’s that thought when you feel like saying, “dang, I remember how nice that felt until . . . . ”

Relationships come so easy for some people.  I’m not saying I can’t do it, but what happens when you just want to just take care of you and only you for change.  I can write my thoughts out better than I speaking it out. 

If I could speak, I would say this . . . .

“My only fear is that you do not appreciate who I am.  Not trying to give you a sorry story but an understanding that I need to be me. 

Does that sound stupid to you?  Well, how’s this . . . .

Understand that I don’t want to be treated but loved and respected.  Understand that I am wise enough to know that my standards have been raised and pain is no longer on the list.”

Sorry diary, I was thinking back again . . .

Pain of the past can burden the joy of someone’s future.  I want my future to be embraced and filled with all the blessings available and inherited to me.  You just have to think about your life sometimes and what you want to bring.  I think I need time.

I need time to be alone and understand my worth and position.  I don’t want to cry about it but not give more than 50%.  I want to say, “please do not be hurt if I turn you away.  I must be ready to show you my reflection.”

A song that allowed me to remember feelings of love that I thought I lost 

This is not the time to remember but to forget and let go

Life has moved on and my new chapter has started

Duchess speaks to the understanding that bridges must be burned and confessions must be made

Enjoy the diary of the Duchess because she has a great deal to reveal and it is not all desirable.

Until next time readers . . . .

My back against the wall thinking . . . .