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Poetry Contest


I have entered a poetry contest for Women’s Writer’s of Haitian Descent.

I need your HELP!!!!  I need YOUR VOTE!!!!

Read my poem titled “Magnification of an Untold Soul” and leave your comments.

Thank you in advance for support. 

DEADLINE: October 31st 

Click on the Link:!/photo.php?fbid=454162181344&set=o.118845387400


Sinful Exposure

Caught in an addiction

No history to clear

Stripped naked finally exposed, no more hiding here

* * * * 

Dark things always come out especially in the light

You need to cover up now and reveal the truth

* * * * 

Behind the sinful doors

The bed is not made

The clothes are not clean

Nothing has been dusted

Life is no so serene

* * * * 

Caught in an addiction

Lies were exposed

Not to make you laugh

But you are wearing cute sandals

But you have ashy nasty toes

You were exposed

* * * * 

You were lying, betraying, and stealing for your own satisfaction

Where are you pointing the blame?

We fail to realize with free will there is much loss to gain

* * * * 

You have been sinfully arrested

You were caught in an addiction

You were charged with the naked truth

You were sinfully exposed

Now God is before you

* * * *

Hindering Me

Lord not sure what is happening

But they are hindering me

Lord not sure when I went down this path

But they are hindering me

Lord it feels way to close

They have locked chains around me

* * * * 

Lord God, I am asking you to come me

I write a great deal Lord

I write and tell people to trust you and believe in you

I would post my writings

But at times still I feel lost too

How can I encourage people when need it too

* * * *  

I am not sure about directions sometime

I am not sure about decisions

Writing with no feedback

I send emails but no answer back

I try not to say that I have lacked

God, please bring my self-encouragement back

* * * *  

But being not sure is actually doubt

Doubt can be an act of sin

Sin can be a hindrance

It can be a hindrance of everything

* * * *  

Lord, the walls worry me

Lord, the wall are blocking me

Lord, the wall feels like they are suffocating me


* * * *  

2 Chronicles 32:7-8 . . . .

I am strong and courageous.  I am not afraid or discouraged, because the Lord my God is with me to help me fight my battles. 

* * * *  

Okay Lord, I’m back

I feel sometimes that I am the only one

I feel like the enemy is always pointing to me

I feel like the spotlight of failure always on me

I feel like, I feel like that I cannot be happy

I feel like negativity is hindering me

I feel nothing

* * * * 

Matthew 14:27 . . . .

He spoke to them, saying, Take courage!  I AM!  Stop being afraid!

* * * * 

As the song says Lord, “I need more of you and less of me please empty me”

Please pour your grace upon me

Please pour your mercy upon me

Please pour your anointing upon me

Please pour your peace that surpasses all understanding upon me

Please pour your love upon me

Just pour until I drown in your glory

Please fill me because I am thirsty and dried out Lord

I am desperate for you

* * * * 

1 John 5:14 . . . . 

I have courage in God’s presence, because I am sure that he hears me if I ask him for anything that is according to his will.

* * * * 

You are whispering in my ear Jesus

You are telling me that “you are still here”

You are telling me that “you have never left my side”

* * * *  

God I have backslidden before you

God I have hinder myself before you

God I have blocked my blessings and let my harvest dry out

Help me to plant new seeds

Help me to . . . just help me

Help me to come back to you

* * * * 

Deuteronomy 31:6 . . . .

I am strong and of good courage, I do not fear nor am I afraid, for the Lord my God, He is the one who goes with me.  He will not leave me nor forsake me.

* * * *  

Forgive me Lord because I have hindered myself from you.