Underestimated Diamond


Underestimated Diamond is a poet and aspiring writer from Boston, MA. She been embracing her Haitian culture before she could even walk. She writes with strength and hope to inspire others to define their own definition of life.  She publishes a weekly newsletter “Get Up on the Wall” and active in public relations and consulting for a great deal of non-for-profit organizations. A woman that harvests her blessings and present her true reflections of an underestimated diamond. She is a proud member of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc.

My divine expression’s blog is a poetic diary of my design and creation of future greatness in life.  As the Underestimated Diamond, I have a strong aspiration to write and express my creativity.  Divine Expressions is basically the elements of the Underestimated Diamond being a poet and writer characterize with poetic lyrics, grace, respect, and divine driven faith journey to be authentic in every way.  My poetic life chapters in this blog is a constant dictation of myself.  I am one that constantly discovering new elements to express about myself. 

Grace and Destiny are just some of the lessons that I found to be essential to the Underestimated Diamond.  I view my wriitng like a journey that just allows me to express me.  My writing makes me express my devoted dreams, passions of greatness and success that becoming footprints of my journey.       

Definition of the Underestimated Diamon    

Underestimated is defined as making a low estimate of worth, degree or quantity.   Many people would disagree with this word I chosen but I believe it leaves room for interpretation.   Underestimated provides an open door for me to breakdown walls and push limits.       

Being underestimated means that you overcome the moments of rejection and infection of lies that would normally bring you down.  The Underestimated Diamond does not believe in false expectations.   My anticipated discovery is learning how to mend broken bridges.  For one that underestiamtes does not value their reflection.

Diamond is defined as an extremely hard-crystallized gemstone that has been cut and fashion for the man’s eye.   A diamond of worth and speaks far from his/her natural understanding.   A diamond is touched with value, trust, loyalty, satisfaction, industrious, sensitivity, consideration, variety, strength and understanding.  Need I say more.      

Underestimated Diamond is an undefined expression of a natural understanding of the world around her.  The outcome of this idenity is to have grace, sensuality, fineness, and endurance to be able to stand tall with my head held high.  Underestimated Diamond strives to gain strength and confidence as the extra shaping that makes the diamond shine brighter.  Underestimated Diamond is a signification of a woman that has built a foundation.  As the image of the Underestimated Diamond in my mind is literally going to the coalmine of my life and dug until I found the diamond within.   A diamond in my eyes is a modest perfection of love and appreciation of oneself.  The word underestimated tells me that I have wanted too long to begin. 

Virtuous is the diamond that sparkles day and night     

A reflection so pure and honest     

She attempts to dim her darkness and boldly brings her light     

She shines stronger and unlocks her doors of fear     

Given her all and finding her purpose to fulfill     

Formed by loving hands and hearts so true     

I am the Underestimated Diamond     

Do not underestimate what I can do     


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Presenting my True Reflection by my own Life’s Design    


Sincerely yours,    

Underestimated Diamond

 Remember Respect the Work of the Underestimated Diamond